Butter Consumption at a 40-Year High: Let’s Try Some Alternatives, Green Monsters!


According to Food Navigator, the American Butter Institute (who knew there was such a thing?) has just released information showing that, since 2002, U.S. consumers have increased their butter intake by 25 percent. This equates to a per capita consumption of 5.6 pounds of butter per year (in 2012) — a 40-year high!

Pre-vegan Paula Deen would be so proud, y’all!

But here at One Green Planet, we’re not so much proud as we are concerned. Butter is loaded with saturated fat, and, since it’s made from cream and/or milk, it’s a product you should probably avoid for a multitude of reasons that impact your health, animals, and the planet. Plus, when there are such great dairy-free butter alternatives available to consumers these days, what’s the point of risking one’s health to eat this stuff? And even if you’re not a fan of butter alternatives, give other, healthier types of bread and potato toppings a chance — think hummus or even a nut butter spread: anything trumps that butter! Or, if you’re in the DIY mood, try making your own oil-free, palm oil-free, soy-free, and, of course, dairy-free butter (shown below). Yum!

We say: step away from that butter, people! It’s really not doing anyone any favors, and there are just too many great alternatives you can try!

Image source: Renee Comet / Wikimedia Commons