Couple Advocates Plant Based Diet


By: Chelsea Washington, Primetime Reporter/Weekend Anchor – email

Want the key to preventing heart disease, looking younger, and losing weight?

Dr. Jimmy Conway says a vegan diet not only changed his outlook on food but his entire life. It all started with a pain in his left hand in 2009 when he was about thirty pounds heavier and enjoying weekly fried treats.

“My cholesterol was 494 and my triglycerides went over 3200. I use to jokingly say I was addicted to fat,” says Jimmy Conway.

It’s an addiction that threatened his life. The doctor was headed for triple bypass surgery but canceled it just about a week before he was scheduled to go under the knife. Instead he adopted a new way of eating.

“Within six months I had a normal stress test, my cholesterol has dropped to 115, my triglycerides went down to 175 at that time and so I saw almost immediate results. I was really amazed how at how fast I felt different in adopting a whole food plant based diet.”

It’s made such a difference in his life as well as his wife’s Andrea that the couple now wants to share the news with anyone whose willing to try a new approach when it comes to their diet.

“When you consider how much you are spending on a lot of the processed foods and things that people are buying you can certainly get a lot for your money especially if you buy in bulk. A five pound bag of carrots doesn’t cost anything compared to a bag of potato chips,” says Andrea Conway.

The couple hosts monthly seminars at Northwest Surgical Hospital on the topic and have also developed a website to share information along with recipes. It’s a way of life that’s only deepened their bond for each other and led to an improved lifestyle anyone can follow,

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