Vegan Celebrity – Beyonce Announcement Stirs Controversy


Many celebrities use their status as a way to help support charities or causes that they believe in.  Celebrity endorsement behind charities or world causes increase public awareness of the issue and helps stimulate more donations or changes.  Celebrities often choose to be spokespersons, board members or even founders of specific organizations.  (1)

It is wise for individuals to do independent research when considering donations or life changes based on celebrity endorsement.  (1)

Beyoncé reminds America about the benefits of the vegan diet

This past week, the world lit up about Beyoncé’s announcement on Good Morning America.  Following a media build-up, many people rose from bed early, tuned into Good Morning America and were frustrated to hear that this announcement was about Beyoncé’s vegan diet.  America reacted in a strong way, voicing their frustration about being given nutrition advice, and also voicing that Beyoncé has already revealed this news when promoting The 22 Day Revolution. (2)

Many celebrities support veganism and speak out about this on a regular basis.  Names such as Bill Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres and Al Gore are all active supporters of veganism.  The vegan diet has become a popular trend in the celebrity world.  Some are activists for animal rights, and others are activists for the health benefits.  (3)

There is a wealth of research that supports Beyoncé’s and other celebrities encouragements to support and consider joining the vegan trend.  The vegan diet can be extremely healthy, limits calories that come from harmful fats and increases plant-based vitamins and minerals.  The vegan diet is also good for the environment, utilizing fewer resources and does not support factory farming. (3)

The plant based diet shown to be beneficial for your health, your wallet and your environment

The plant based diet has been shown to reverse heart disease, aid in weight loss and can even save you money.  The Adventist Health Study-2 found that the plant based diet provides lower risk for Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.  Research shows that those who consume a diet of mostly vegetables experience minimal issues with hypertension that is often associated with aging.  (4)

It’s been found that it takes approximately 15 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef, and 5 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of chicken.  Vegans and vegetarians often support that we could provide more food and energy across the world if we were eating the grain instead of the meat.  The amount of beef that an average American consumes in one year creates as much greenhouse gas as driving your car over 1,800 miles! (4)

Feeding your family using beans, lentils, vegetables, fruits and other plant based foods can actually save you and your family money.  The price of free-range organic meats can be very expensive. While the price of organic beans, lentils or grains can be higher than conventional products, they remain far less expensive and can be stretch farther than organic meat. (4)

It is possible that the hype surrounding Beyoncé’s announcement was designed to bring attention to a cause and lifestyle that she is passionate about.  It is possible that she leveraged her fame as a way to challenge the public to consider the impact of what they are eating.  What the public may need to consider is: why are they outraged?  Possibly disappointment, pride, or guilt may be impacting public emotions towards one celebrity’s choice to use media as a way of influencing American’s thoughts and choices about their diet.

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