Vegan Celebrity News – Carrie Underwood’s post-baby bikini selfie a vegan win and earns her fan praise


A sexy picture of Carrie Underwood from the ‘shoulders up’ while lying on a beach towel which she uploaded to her social media Instagram page has the interest of many entertainment fans and publications because it shows her face looking very similar to her pre-baby face which to some observers is anindication that she has lost much if not all of her baby weight (Inquistr – May 7).   If this picture was found on the Internet ten to twelve months after having given birth there would probably not be such amazement but Carrie Underwood looks to have regained most if not all of her pre-baby body only two months after having given birth to her first child, a son.  Her ‘post-baby’ body has provided much support for proponents of the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle as the renowned vegan who had to be more ‘vegetarian’ than vegan while pregnant has left entertainment fans stunned with how slim and healthy her face looks after just becoming a new mother.    Some vegan lifestyle followers are looking at her quick weight loss as a ‘win’ for being vegetarian while her agents are likely going to work with a smile on their faces as they think about potential endorsement opportunities such as a vegan diet book.  It is not only her quick weight loss that is earning her accolades from fans but also her balancing being a mother and wife with finding time for herself that surprisingly is earning her praise.  The beautiful singer in the first months of being a new mother has fans loving how she is living her life as photos on her Instagram page of her attending a rock concert, cheering at a hockey game and lying on a beach towel while relaxing in a bikini swimsuit have fans loving her ‘motherhood does not mean one does not live’ philosophy.  Carrie Underwood‘s becoming a mother has helped strengthen her bond with fans and made her an example of one of the benefits of the vegan lifestyle for women, quick weight loss, something that very few females will ever complain about.