Vegan Health Blog – ‘I’ve banished all my menopausal symptoms by going VEGAN,’ claims woman, 47 


A woman who began suffering symptoms of the menopause at just 41 claims she has managed to stop them all by going vegan.

Lorraine Palmer was shocked when she started suffering from hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings at such a young age.

She also battled skin problems and became depressed. 

But six years on, she claims she has never felt better – thanks to her natural diet. 

Not only did she dramatically change her diet, cutting out all meat and dairy products, she also shunned HRT and other medical treatments.

Six years on, she credits her smooth journey through the menopause to swapping chips for carrot sticks – and adopting a mostly raw diet. 

Ms Palmer, from Wolverhampton, said: ‘I want to shout from the rooftops to give other ladies a chance to fight the menopause and get healthy too.

‘By changing my diet and eating raw foods, I’ve managed to make the symptoms go away.

‘I now want to help others with their symptoms, too.’ 

Whereas her daily diet before typically consisted of fried plantain, meat pie and dumplings, she now eats beetroot casserole, washed down with plenty of kale juice.  

Ms Palmer, who is single, is now a full-time health coach.

She said: ‘I was fit and healthy and always at the gym, doing spinning classes.

‘But one day I started feeling terrible – I was forgetful, my temperature kept going from hot to cold and my libido was gone.  

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