Vegan Lifestyle – Going vegan could be easier than you think


Proteins, vitamin B12, iron – being vegan can make getting nutrients difficult, according to most. Is a vegan diet for you? Tidjoori Corner, a newly launched vegan restaurant in Jumeirah Beach Residences, offered five UAE residents a catered 27-day vegan challenge. 7DAYS found out how the five fared during the diet, and whether they missed animal products.



ROSS CRIST @rosstalksThe social aspect, being out with friends at different places and seeing others indulge in meat products while not a whole lot of restaurants menus cater to vegans, was challenging. But I got accustomed to eating vegan and really didn’t think about meat and dairy as much as I did before. This diet made me more way more handsome.





I thought not eating meat would be difficult but it was actually super easy. And as I’m a chocoholic I just turned to dark chocolate. It’s surprising what you can do when you put your mind to something! I thought I would miss meat, but actually I didn’t and I managed to complete the challenge. I will, however, eat meat again as personally I do enjoy it, though I will certainly add a lot of the recipes that were prepared for me in to my diet, which will mean cutting down on meat dishes.






BIG ROSSI VIRGIN RADIO DUBAII was feeling a little depressed about my ever-expanding waistline. My wife is currently pregnant so I think I gained some sympathy baby weight! I feel so much better after the challenge, it kick-started me into a healthy regime, which I am now trying to stick to. I exercise three times a week and I’m still not eating meat! I missed dairy as you don’t realise how often it’s used in food, from everything to loaves of bread to a cup of tea, it’s in there so that was hard, but I lost four kilogrammes without exercising!








LATOYA RICKETTS PERSONAL TRAINERBefore the challenge I was feeling really bloated all the time. Being a personal trainer I regularly exercise but my diet is something I always struggled with. Now having a gluten-free and dairy-free diet has helped me with so many problems I was having before. I didn’t miss meat as I’m not a big meat lover but I definitely missed dairy. I didn’t release how much dairy I was eating until I started the vegan challenge. Avoiding it really did help me from the inside and out.









LOUISE NICHOL HARPERS BAZAARI believe it’s important to look for ways of eating high-protein meals without animal sources to avoid over-consumption of sugar and carbohydrates. I found that in order to feel satisfied, both mentally and physically, I had to eat bigger portions and far more carb-based foods than I ever would. There are some great alternatives available, although for me the key would be to try and avoid processed ingredients, grains and sugar and instead stick to nutrient-dense vegetables such as sweet potato, beetroot and cauliflower. And the obligatory kale, of course!