Vegan News – 10 foods you thought were vegan or vegetarian but aren’t


1. Foods that are usually dyed in red contain a natural dye known as carmine. These are derived from beetles which have been crushed.2. Frosted Wheat Cereals usually use beef gelatin from cow bones. This is used to glue the shreds of wheat together.

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3. Miso soup may contain bonito flakes or made with a fish based dashi stock. Unless it is specified that it is vegetarian or vegan, then they are most often than not, animal based.4. Parmesan cheese is usually made using rennet or the inner linings of the cows’ stomachs.5. Stout beers are commonly produced with fish bladder to filter the product.6. Non-organic fruits and vegetables are sprayed with fertilizers and pesticides that contain animal products.7. Worcestershire Sauce is made from anchovies. Vegans and vegetarians should make sure that they purchase vegan friendly Worcestershire sauce.8. Processed or packaged orange juice is not as harmless as most people think; they are known to contain omega-3 from fish oils.9. Frozen pastry and pie crusts are, unless specified as vegetarian or vegan, usually made with lard. And this type of fat comes from pig fat.10. Pesto is made with either Romano or Grana Padano cheeses, which are made using the stomach linings of cows.