Vegan News – 8-Year Old Vegan Calls for Meatless Mondays in Long Beach California


Could you ask for a cuter spokesperson for Meatless Mondays?8-Year old vegan, Genesis Butler spoke before the Long Beach City Council Tuesday to persuade members to make it, Meatless Mondays. She read a heartfelt statement that frankly included a lot of technical, non 8 year old language. Her best moment came when she told the council that most kids in her school like to eat her vegan lunch because the school lunches “are nasty.” She also told the council that she’s scared of the drought and that we could save more water eschewing meat than shortening showers.Plenty of other speakers talked about the amount of water it takes to raise beef cattle, (around 1800 gallons or more per pound of beef) how many diseases might be prevented by giving up meat and the fact that the history of Meatless Mondays goes back to WWI.Even before public comment, the majority of the members proclaimed support. Stacy Rose Mungo was the only member to declare opposition and one of two to vote “no” against the motion to draft a Meatless Mondays resolution.Mungo said, she’d received calls from businesses worried how the proclamation might affect business.”I’m really going to stand with the businesses today, Mungo said. I do support eating salad, I had a salad last night and i thnk its a great thing, I just don’t think city government really should be in the business of telling people what to do and making proclamations based on preferences.”The Council waits while the City Attorney drafts the resolution before the final vote.Copyright 2015 FOX 11 Los Angeles : Download our mobile app for breaking newsalerts or to watch FOX 11 News | Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.