Vegan News – Foie Gras Protest large tube with auger shoved down throats of ducks and geese


Go Vegan Santa Barbara and its supporters held a demonstration Sunday afternoon in front of Bouchon, 9 W. Victoria St. in Santa Barbara, to protest the sale of foie gras by local businesses.

The foie gras available in our local restaurants is made using a technique called gavage. During this process, a large tube with an auger is shoved down the throats of ducks and geese to force feed them vast quantities of food so their livers grow up to 10 times the normal size.

The production of foie gras causes severe stress and injury to the animals.

Go Vegan Santa Barbara organizers is asking the public to join in taking a stand against this inhumane product and ask businesses to cease its sale.

Protesters were in costume and our local celebrity pet duck, Pomi, made an appearance. Canine companions and children were also in attendance to speak out against the mistreatment of their animal friends.

“Foie gras is a cruel and antiquated ingredient that is simply unnecessary in our modern culinary landscape,” said Sayward Rebhal of Go Vegan Santa Barbara.

“Whether or not you agree with eating animals, there is a line that we can all draw between good farming practices and torture. Foie gras production falls on the wrong side of that line.”

Click here for a faux gras recipe with all of the flavor and none of the torture.

The mission of Go Vegan Santa Barbara is to provide resources and information for current vegans in the Santa Barbara region, as well as to encourage others to oppose cruelty by adopting a plant-based diet.