Vegan News – Morrissey ‘forces Madison Square Garden to ban’ meat and go vegan


Morrissey doesn’t eat meat… and he’s making sure his fans don’t either.

The singer has forced Madison Square Garden to ban the sale of meat for his upcoming concert there.

The 55-year-old vehement animal rights supporter had demanded the iconic New York venue only serve vegan food during his June 27th performance, and it conceded.

This means closing down on-site restaurants such as McDonald’s, while those that remain open will not even be allowed to serve fish or even dairy products.

On Wednesday the former Smith’s frontman penned an open letter in Rolling Stone to former Vice President Al Gore and Kevin Wall, the co founders of environment awareness event Live Earth, insisting they to do the same.

“I am writing to ask you to do the one thing that will do the most good for the planet and the majority of its inhabitants: not serve meat or dairy products at Live Earth 2015,” he wrote.

“I don’t mean offering a vegan option – I mean not serving animal products at all. Otherwise, the event will make no sense – it’ll be ‘greenwashing’.”

He argues that because raising animals for food is a leading cause of climate change, ‘serving meat and dairy products at an event to combat climate change is like selling pistols at a gun-control rally’.

He boasts in the letter that he makes every venue he performs at provide a 100 percent meat-free menu – including Madison Square Garden.

‘If you choose to serve animal flesh at Live Earth, you’ll be making a mockery of the very concept of the event, in which case it should be renamed “Dead Earth: We Contributed!”,’ he concluded.

The venue is yet to confirm this is the case. The New York Post quoted the owner of a burger bar inside MSG who said it was the first he’d heard about it – but added he had no problems with it

“This is the first time I’m hearing about it,” said Daily Burger owner Drew Nieporent. “But I love my man Morrissey. He’s a wonderful artist, so I wouldn’t mind. He can do whatever he wants.”

Instead of providing a vegan menu on the night, Nieporent added he was simply going to close shop for the night and “just go and enjoy the music'”.

– Daily Mail