Vegan News – PETA slams Al Gore for ‘hypocrisy and sheer laziness’ for not limiting Live Earth festival food to vegan only


a series of emails obtained by Buzzfeed, inflexible animal advocacy group PETA criticized former Vice President Al Gore for refusing to serve vegan only food at his upcoming Live Earth concert series.

While in Davos this year, Gore, along with popular musician Pharrell, announced the return of the eco-friendly worldwide music festival in 2015 which will feature over 100 artists performing on seven continents on June 18th.


In the emails, representatives from PETA pestered the concert organizers, asking if they plan to serve vegan only food at the events, eliminating all animal products including meat and dairy.

Although Live Earth said they were working with partner organizations regarding offering sustainable foods, PETA accused them of “hypocrisy and sheer laziness.”

“They either care about stopping climate change or they’re more interested in the appearance of caring,” Lisa Lange, senior vice president of PETA, explained in an email to BuzzFeed. “While they decide, the earth is dying so PETA is hoping they immediately announce that they’re putting their mock meat where their mouths are, and making the Live Earth events vegan.”

A representative for Live Earth explained they do not have complete control over the food served at the venues where their events will be taking place, citing pre-existing agreements between the venues and their vendors.

A 2006 study conducted by the United Nations concluded that livestock production is a top contributor to global warming.