Vegan News – PETA’s “Lettuce Ladies” Visit Hollywood


Tinseltown is not known for going the low-key route on any matter, and of-the-moment road-close pop-ups, those brief promotions and events that happen along Hollywood’s main thoroughfares, are part of that splashy tradition.

Consider the many movie-themed happenings along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards, the premieres and the film shoots. Consider that director David Lynchshowed up with a cow on Sunset during awards season. Consider all of the swanky red carpets we nearly take for granted ’round these parts.

Now pedestrians and drivers will encounter another hard-to-miss sight, at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Ivar Avenue, at noon on Thursday, May 21.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will make a cuisine-focused cameo at the intersection, with activists decked out in the lettuce bikinis that have now become famous (actors Pamela Anderson and Elizabeth Berkley have appeared as “Lettuce Ladies” for the organization).

The reason behind the eye-catching, middle-of-the-workday appearance? Well, here’s a hint: The cuisine end of things isn’t just about the unusual fashion choice of the volunteers.

They’ll “pass out free boxes of tasty vegan burgers and hot dogs to help passersby get ready to grill with delicious meat-free food” over Memorial Day Weekend, one of the busiest grilling weekends on the calendar.

This is not the first public appearance of volunteers wearing “strategically placed” salad-makings; the PETA Lettuce Ladies have “served veggie dogs on Capitol Hill” and handed out vegan wings ahead of the NFL Draft.