Vegan News – Stanford Voted Best University for Vegan Students


The largest youth animal rights group in the world, peta2, has named Stanford University the “Favorite Vegan-Friendly Large College” in America.

Each year, peta2 accepts applications from universities across the country and rates schools on factors such as availability of vegan meals and quality of vegan food options on campus. Of the schools which receive an A+ rating, 30 small universities and 30 large universities are nominated to win the award.

As this year’s winner, Stanford boasts an impressive variety of vegetarian and vegan options on campus. Every campus dining hall features at least one hot vegan entrée during every meal period, as well as a selection of soups, sides, salads and desserts. This past year, Stanford made quinoa burgers a vegan staple and installed a soy milk dispenser in the dining hall.

To students like Freshman Megan Calfas, options like this make all the difference and help make the path to vegan eating an easier one; “There have been a lot more vegan desserts recently, which I really enjoy. Dessert is always toughest for me when I’m eating vegan.”

In addition to providing vegan meal options for students, Stanford also stays involved with vegan student groups on campus and makes vegan cooking classes available to the student body.

According to Shannon Munz, Communications Coordinator for Stanford Dining, the university will continue to be fully supportive of its students who choose a plant-based diet. “The Stanford community’s appreciation of our commitment to vegetarian and vegan dining choices is equally inspiring,” she said. “We are committed to providing great tasting, high-quality, nutritious and exciting menus that support the diverse set of needs of all of our customers.”

Munz says that Stanford credits the involvement of its students for its success in the competition. “We could not have won the title without the overwhelming support of our students,” she stated. “Their commitment to voting in each round allowed Stanford to be recognized as the number one large school and we are extremely grateful for their support.”