Vegan News – Thug Kitchen: Food You’ll Swear By


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Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway are a couple of self-confessed badass vegans hell bent on getting you eating like a vegan through a veritable barrage of verbal abuse.

And it’s working. The creators of influential blog, and now best-selling bookThug Kitchen, ventured to Australia during March to prove you don’t need to be a vegan to eat like one. “We know vegans can be quite militant about converting people, but for us it’s about considering a change and giving a fuck about what you eat,” says Holloway.



Disenchanted by blogs that portrayed the virtues of healthy eating through the eyes of wealthy, imperialistic know-it-alls, in 2012 they decided to deliver a blog that better represented their lifestyle. “You can actually be a normal fucking person on a tight budget and still eat healthy food,” says Davis. “You don’t need to go to 24 fucking farmers’ markets in a day.”

And thus, Thug Kitchen was born. They realised the use of profanities, when educating people about veganism, had real cut through.

“We put a giant fuck next to a healthy burrito and everything changed,” says Holloway. (That roasted chickpea and broccoli burrito was delivered with the tip that “chickpeas and garbanzo beans are the same fucking thing – you’re welcome”.) “You can eat vegan once or twice a week,” he adds. “You can still eat meat. Just learn to eat healthier.”

With the likes of Jamie Oliver in the fan club, it seems Homer Simpson was wrong after all. You canmake friends with salad.

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