Vegan News – Vegan alternative to Memorial Day cookouts



The idea for a menu with a focus on a vegan diet was started by the head chef’s own lifestyle.

“He and I put the menu together five years ago,” said Heather Christopherson, owner. “We just knew there was a need for vegetarian and vegan, that the area just wasn’t satisfied.”

And it’s not just Mid-Michigan craving a plant-based diet.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, reports that about about 2.5% of the US population is vegan. That’s more than seven and a half million people.

But what about on big grilling holidays, like Memorial Day, Christopherson said vegans and non-vegans alike actually flock to the restaurant, looking for a healthier alternative to those ribs and burgers.

“Vegan people enjoy bringing their family here, who would otherwise not dine with them, because they don’t want to eat vegan,” said Christopherson.

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