Vegan Pets – No, Your Cat Is Not Vegan. You Are An Idiot Who Is Killing Your Cat.


Vegan cat food is a thing and we officially hate people
Are you ready to lose a little more hope in humanity? This week, Yr Wonkette fell down a veritable rabbit hole exploring the world of “natural” pet care and discovered a product that might as well be labeled Animal Abuse in a Bag: vegan cat food. Vegan. Cat Food.

This, dear readers, is, a repository for the apparently booming market of meatless, cruelty-free cat foods. Their stocks include brands such as Evolution, Ami Cat, and VegeCat, all designed to wean cats off meat (just like you can wean a baby off oxygen) in order to fit into their owner’s personal vegan/vegetarian lifestyles. There are more than a few problems with this philosophy, first and foremost being CATS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY.

Cats are carnivores. In fact, they’re not just carnivores, but obligate carnivores, meaning they require meat or else they will die. If an omnivore like a human stops eating meat (which is a totally legitimate thing to do), their body can make up for the loss of nutrients by either producing the necessary proteins themselves or finding them in non-meat products. Cats do not have that luxury. They need an essential protein called taurine in their diet – low amounts of taurine can lead to urinary tract infections, cardiovascular disease, or even blindness – and the only naturally occurring source of taurine is in animal muscle and tissue. Killing other animals is encoded into their DNA. Killing is such a major part of the cat’s life that they’re one of the few creatures that kill just for the thrill of it because it’s just that damn important to their survival. On a gastrointestinal level, the cat body has no real way to digest plant matter. Their sharp-as-knife teeth are about as good at grinding cellulose as a buzzsaw is at tossing a salad, and while they’ll chew on grass occasionally, they get no nutrients from it. Your adorable, murderous furball requires fresh, bloody, pulsing animal flesh to sustain it. Cats are nature’s perfect fuzzy little killdozers.