Vegan Recipe – Vegan Coconut & Oat Pancake Recipe


What do you do when there are no eggs in the house, but you really, really want pancakes? Make these egg-free (and dairy-free) pancakes, of course. With oats providing protein and fiber, and coconut yogurt bringing in some healthy fats and flavor, these pancakes are filling, fluffy and a breeze to make.

I’ve tried making vegan pancakes before, usually on weekend mornings when I am in no state to go to the store and out of eggs. I’ve tried the flaxseed egg replacer trick, but this doesn’t seem to do it for me — the pancakes end up rubbery with weird, floury taste.

The main problem with making vegan pancakes, has been relying only on wheat flour. Using alternative flours works better for me here because they change the flavor and consistency so much. They can be a bit pricey, especially if they’re very niche, but a cheap alternative is oat flour. You can even make it at home — just grind the oats in a blender or food processor until they become mealy and slightly floury. They’re amazing in pancake batters, as I find they keep me more satiated and less “sugar crash-y.”

I still use about 60 percent all-purpose flour in these pancakes because the gluten helps with the binding when there’s no egg. But adding the oat flour, along with the shredded coconut and homemade coconut yogurt, means that the pancakes have a much better flavor and texture, and a more filling nature.