Vegan Restaurant – Blaze Pizza Offers Fully Customizable Pies Including Vegan, Gluten-Free


When you want pizza, you want it fast, which is why Blaze Pizza’s 180-second cooking time gives them a serious edge over the competition. Add vegan options to the mix, and Papa John’s can eat his heart out.

The innovative chain, with locations in Boca Raton, Davie, and Fort Lauderdale, offers 11-inch, customizable pizzas that run just $7.95 apiece, cooked to a crisp on an open flame. All pizzas are one price, and toppings are unlimited.

The vegan factor is particularly unusual, since most pizza chains opt out of offering anything that didn’t come from an animal.

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“Vegan cheese has always been a topping at Blaze Pizza,” says Adam Cummis, South Florida franchise owner for the Blaze Pizza Corporation. “From day one, we wanted our restaurants to be a place where guests could come and get a pizza with exactly what they’re craving, whether that means lots of meat, tons of fresh veggies, or vegan cheese.”

A crisp, customized Blaze Pizza.
A crisp, customized Blaze Pizza.
Courtesy of Blaze Pizza
How many people opt into vegan selections, you ask?

“Certainly not as many that order our non-vegan options, but again, with ingredients like our vegan cheese it’s important to have a restaurant that embraces individuality and the choices we all make, and provide fresh options that align with those choices,” Cummis explains.

And it’s not just plain pizza for vegan eaters. Given the customizable nature of the business, they have a whole host of options, from banana peppers to artichokes to pineapple. They also feature signature pizzas, salads and even a s’more pie (not vegan).

“We’ve got more than 20 different topping options that are vegan, so the combinations are almost endless. Both our original and spicy red sauce are vegan as well. Our team members are also happy to use fresh gloves to ensure no meat or dairy contact during the build of the pizza.”