Vegan Restaurant – Restaurant review Rainbow Cafe in Cambridge


Experimental vegan Jude Clarke is overwhelmed by the choice of dishes at vegetarian hotspot Rainbow Café in Cambridge.

THE original plan was to eat at The Rainbow Café – the Cambridge vegetarian institution that has been feeding the city’s

non-meat-eaters for decades – back in January. I was trying the whole “veganuary” thing (awful neologism, apologies), sticking to a wholly vegan diet (no dairy, no meat – obviously – and even honey was banned).

My one attempt at eating out that month was, frankly, a bit of a disaster – my simple request for information about the vegan or non-vegan status of the dish I fancied at the restaurant (it was newly-opened, it wouldn’t be fair to name and shame) being met with bemusement, delay, and a distinct lack of solid facts.

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